A Youth Business Center has been established in Fergana region


Through it, Book Cafe, Coworking Center, IT Center, Architecture and Art Design Center, Legal Clinic, Bookstore, Youth Media Studio, DILRABO TRAVEL Travel Agency, Conference Hall , SMM courses, foreign language training center, business training courses, online trading service, international logistics service, accounting courses and other innovation centers.
The Youth Business Center employs more than 1,200 young people. Including,
– In the “Book cafe” – 12 people;
– Coworking Center – 130 people;
– “IT” center – 54 people;
– Center for Architecture and Art Design – 60 people;
– “Legal Clinic” – 2 people;
– bookstore – 3 people;
– “Youth Media Studio” – 10 people;
– DILRABO TRAVEL travel agency – 20 people;
– The Fergana regional branch of the Youth is Our Future Foundation – 6 people
– SMM courses – 20 people;
– Foreign language training center – 764 people;
– Online trading service – 4 people;
– International logistics service – 4 people;
– Youth center – 1 person;
– business training courses – 50 people;
-consulting – 10 people;
– Accounting courses – 50 people;

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GEW-2021 5th Global Entrepreneurship Week


The annual Global Entrepreneurship Week is attracting more and more interest from partner organizations and government services, as well as business associations. The opening ceremony is also attended by government agencies, commercial organizations, universities, financial institutions, international organizations, embassies, students and other stakeholders.

This year’s theme focuses on GEN Global’s two priorities: business ecosystem development and inclusion. Speakers will present the GEW program, explain its objectives and expected results. Over the weekend, TEAM University experts will prepare a set of recommendations by foreign companies to increase the attractiveness of doing business in the regions.

During the Entrepreneurship Week, various webinars, trainings, plenary sessions and presentations are conducted by experts from different countries.

The following topics were included in the weekly agenda for a detailed review of this focus:

22.11.2021 Monday – Business environment in the regions of Uzbekistan – problems and prospects for development (Rural business ecosystem: prospects and problems). On the same day, entrepreneurs working in the agricultural regions of Uzbekistan will talk about the problems they face in their activities, as well as the prospects for business development in them.
23.11.2021 Tuesday – Public-Private Partnership. At each GEW 2021 location, seminars and workshops will be held to promote effective inter-sectoral cooperation in the sale of business projects in remote areas of Uzbekistan.
24.11.2021 Wednesday – Best Practices in Social and Inclusive Entrepreneurship. It offers a variety of platforms for women entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs with disabilities, entrepreneurs from remote regions of Uzbekistan, both large and successful participants, and beginners. One of the panels should focus on social entrepreneurship, which is most in demand in society.
Thursday 25.11.2021 – Entrepreneurship Mentoring for Prospective Entrepreneurs. On the same day, individual coaching and expert evaluation of business projects implemented in agricultural areas will be held. On the same day, 5 nominations will be presented and the winners will be awarded.
26.11.2021 Friday – International experience in the field of rural entrepreneurship. Representatives of international organizations, foreign representatives of international companies will share their experience of working with the regions, share their views on what should be done in Uzbekistan to increase the attractiveness of foreign companies to do business in the regions. A separate session will focus on the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The full program of the 5th Global Entrepreneurship Week in Uzbekistan can be found at: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Wocf2FBPSLbwtZlQXTAj6V-pBVvZgTuHqmvPckEgPIU/edit#
Address: Republic of Uzbekistan, Tashkent, Yashnabad district, Temur Malik street, 146.
Phone: +998 71 200 20 60 +998 71 202 30 31

Do you know why errors in the IT world are called bug (bug – insect)?


– Legend has it that on September 9, 1947, at Harvard University, Grace Murray made a mistake while checking the Hopper Mark II Aiken Relay Calculator. It is later determined that the butterfly is stuck in the device circuit. While Grace was picking up the insect from the scheme, an officer came into the room and asked her what she was doing. He says he is cleaning the computer from insects (in English: debugging). Since then, programming errors have been called steam, and debugging is called debugging.

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Do you know why the number of Telegram users has increased dramatically?


– The number of Telegram downloads has exceeded one billion, mainly due to the fact that on October 5, 2021, Facebook was down for 6 hours. As a result of the failure of Facebook and WhatsApp, more than 70 million new users registered for Telegram in one day.

“I’m proud that our team has managed unprecedented growth, as Telegram has continued to run smoothly for most of our users,” Durov said, but he acknowledged that the service has struggled with the increase in new users. “Some users in the United States may have experienced slower speeds than usual, as millions of users on these continents rushed to subscribe to the Telegram at the same time,” Durov added.

Presentation of the online platform “e-kasb.uz”


E-kasb.uz online platform developed by the Agency for Youth Affairs and the Youth is Our Future Foundation to train high-demand professions among young people at the Alisher Navoi Cinema Palace There was a presentation.

You can watch the opening ceremony in the video below.

The number of students in Uzbekistan has exceeded half a million


At the beginning of the 2020/2021 academic year, the number of students studying in higher education institutions in the country amounted to 571.5 thousand. This was reported by the State Statistics Committee.

From them:

students – 311.5 thousand;
student girls – 260 thousand.