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The main purpose of the fund is to support youth entrepreneurship, create conditions for active involvement of young people in business and promote youth employment.

The main tasks of the Fund are:

    • to promote the development of well-rounded, goal-oriented and energetic young people with modern knowledge and skills who can take responsibility for the decent future of the country;
    • to demonstrate the intellectual and creative potential of young people, to help them increase their civic responsibility and involvement in the ongoing reforms;
    • to increase the socio-economic activity of young people on the ground, to involve them in entrepreneurial activities, to assist in the implementation of promising ideas and projects of young entrepreneurs;
    • monitoring systemic problems that hinder youth employment;
    • assist in the implementation of targeted programs on the ground for the integrated development of youth entrepreneurship and the active involvement of young people in entrepreneurship;
    • together with officials of state bodies and organizations in the manner prescribed by law, to help young people to increase their entrepreneurial literacy, to inculcate in them the skills of organizing and running a business;

The Fund uses its funds to implement the following activities:

    • allocation of grant funds for innovative, practical and promising youth projects;
    • Motivational events with the participation of internationally renowned speakers in a wide circle of young people in order to develop their talents and potential, to inspire young people to self-development in the future to become a leading specialist in their field of interest. transfer;
    • ensuring the participation of young entrepreneurs in international forums and fairs, helping young people to enter international labor markets;
    • to train young people in the future to become qualified specialists in the relevant field, including entrepreneurship training with the involvement of highly qualified specialists in our country;
    • training and certification of young people in entrepreneurship in the prescribed manner so that in the future they can become qualified professionals in the relevant field;
    • establishment of business accelerators on the basis of higher education institutions in all regions in order to develop entrepreneurial skills in graduates;
    • participation in business projects in the amount not exceeding 50% of their value, followed by the sale of shares of the Fund for 5 years;
    • organization of business trips to local production and service organizations in order to attract young people to entrepreneurship and business and teach them the practical aspects of such activities;
    • Reimbursement of expenses related to vocational training of young people, as well as the cost of consulting services to provide practical assistance to young entrepreneurs in legal, accounting, marketing, branding, banking, insurance, labor and other areas;
    • organization of trade fairs;
    • leasing services;
    • renting premises, office equipment and consumables on preferential terms to young entrepreneurs, providing them with Internet, as well as other assistance in the implementation of business initiatives, startups, ideas and projects of young people, including the development of business plans, consulting , to provide legal, accounting and other services, to organize forums, master classes and seminars, to organize coworking centers “Young Entrepreneurs”, trade and small production areas in areas with overworked ” Construction of youth labor complexes.

The Fund may perform other functions not prohibited by law.


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